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Finding the Brightest Flashlight

A flashlight is a very important piece of equipment that one should have at home and carry when you are traveling. Flashlights are ideal during a blackout or a power failure as it enables you to see and locate the things which would otherwise have been difficult for you to find in the dark. Simple and normal flashlights do not require any specifications and if you are using it rarely then any low quality flashlight will do to locate things at your home.

Need for the 9 BEST BRIGHTEST FLASHLIGHT.If you are somebody who loves the outdoors, then you will require the brightest flashlight to move through the darkness, particularly if you are on a camping trip or if you are hiking up the mountains or if you are cycling on the mountain trails. This means you need a flashlight that is not only technologically advanced and of top quality but also one that is highly reliable and durable.

The Best Flashlights

There are a variety of lights available in the market place. In fact the range is so vast, be it in terms of price or quality, that it can be quite confusing to find the brightest flashlight. However, there are a couple of flashlights that are very popular in the market. They include Surefire Flashlights and Fenix Flashlights. Let us understand what these flashlights have to offer. Surefire Flashlights are very versatile and are designed to operate in the toughest conditions with ease. These lights are made of Nitrolon, a high quality corrosion proof material. These flashlights are the more powerful than your ordinary flashlights and it produce four times the light than an ordinary flashlight. Available in different colors, the Surefire flashlights are so compact that you can carry it in a rucksack or even in your pocket.

Want to know the brightest flashlight? Here's the answer. It's the light on the top of the pyramid in Las Vegas. It is so bright that you can see the beam all the way from the L.A. airport in the next state over.

So the next question is this. Will it fit in your survival kit?

When looking for a survival flashlight, there are many factors to consider. But brightness is at the top of the list. And I've found that there are 4 ways to come up with the brightest flashlight.

Flashlight Brightness: Lumens Explained

First of all, brightness is measured in lumens. A lumen is a standard measurement of light seen by the human eye. So imagine this. You are standing in a 1 meter x 1 meter cardboard box. And you are holding a birthday candle. One lumen is the light that falls on the cardboard box. The more candles you hold, the more lumens you will shine onto the board and the brighter the light gets.

As I share the different flashlights, I'll always be referring to their lumens measurement.

Flashlight Performance: Comparison

Now let's look at performance. If you are looking for the absolute brightest, then check this out. How about the Titanium Innovations L70 with 7,000 lumens. The L70 has a 70 watt discharge bulb that shoots out an adjustable beam for miles. It isn't cheap though. The cost is $1000. And now there is a rumor that the XeRay/XeVision people have an 8,000 lumen light prototype in the works.

But wait! Here's the REAL, most brightest flashlight in the entire world. The 48 XML U2 LED flashlight with 32,000 lumens. 

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